newtonica2 – Return of the Baby Bird App Reviews

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Not good, not bad. Concept is interesting, but gets boring very fast.

Great Puzzle Game!

A completely different game from the first, and one that works much better. A lot of creative puzzles here, with a highly polished look and feel. A whole lot of game for your shopping dollar.

Really fun!

I would have never downloaded this game had it not been for! This is one of the funnest casual games I have played for the iPhone/Touch! Great price @ $0.99 and fun to play! Keep up the good work!

Instructions? Please help!!!

Where are they? The game has absolutely no help or directions. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would really appreciate some one taking the time to explain how to play. Thank you!!!

Fun Japanese game

Read about this game in EGM magazine. Check it out as it's worth the low price.

Newtonica2: Great app

Kenichi Nishi and Kenji Ino have done it again. I purchased Newtonica and really enjoyed it. Everything from style, game design, and elegant implementation was there, and Newtonica2 delivers as well. The game starts of with an easy learning curve to get you into the groove of things but the later levels become rather challenging. The Space birds are also really cute. When I first downloaded this app it didn't work on my 8 GB first gen until I rebooted. After that everything worked perfectly fine.

I squeal with delight everytime the ducks march by.

This game starts off easy, then gets tricky. I am glad I got it. At first unsure, but bought it cuz of the duck. Super cute!

 Cute, Solid Puzzler 

This is a thinking/puzzle game of sorts. It involves interacting with various elements of the environment to get your duck (think of it as a marble) to a certain point on the screen. There are different types of 'bumpers' that assist/prevent you from doing so. It starts out with tutorial levels to introduce you to the basics of game play and rapidly becomes a complex puzzler. 36 levels total with a coin collection achievment system - you can complete levels without them, however, as they are quite difficult to attain. The graphics are outstanding, well worth $.99 if not more! 

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